An Interview by Paul Bishop

An Interview by Paul Bishop

With the recent release of book one in my new series, Cody’s War, I had a chance to sit down with my good friend, Paul Bishop, and answer a few questions…

“Full disclosure up front. Stephen Mojo Mertz and I have been friends since our early days of mystery fanzines. We both broke into professional fiction writing in the mid-eighties writing men’s adventure series paperbacks published under pseudonyms. Since those days, we’ve continued our friendship through years of publishing successes under our own names, mystery conventions, and marathon used bookstore crawls. We’ve also been through the proverbial hell and high water of being poorly treated as mid-list writers by the major New York legacy publishers who were once the gatekeepers of bestsellerdom. We’ve also been part of the e-book revolution breaking free from those legacy publishers and working with the new breed of smaller independent publishers.

If Steve and I had grown up together, we would have been the terrors of the neighborhood. There would have been countless games of cowboys and outlaws, cops and crooks, and spy vs. spy. We would have saved the world repeatedly by infiltrating supervillains’ hidden lairs and thwarting their nefarious plans. And like our heroes, we would have gotten all the hot babes, not that we would have known what to do with them. Still, the likes of Emma Peel, Honey West, Cinnamon Carter, Agent 99, April Dancer, and Charlie’s Angles became our defining definition of juvenile desires.

While we didn’t grow up together, the imaginary playgrounds we built, filled with heroes, villains, and hot babes were essentially the same. We watched the same shows and hung out with the same imaginary friends. Calvin and Hobbs had nothing on us.”