I’m a Writer

“I’m a Writer with no word modifying that one.”

The Castro Directive My novel, The Castro Directive, has all the elements of a Cold War thriller—nasty Russian agents, intrepid, courageous American agents, a no-good turncoat spy, treachery and suspense—but, given that it’s set during the Cold War years of the 1960s. it also qualifies as a historical novel. For that matter there are elements of the military thriller, elements of the detective novel (who exactly is that turncoat spy?) and that backbone of the modern thriller, a slightly larger-than-life action/adventure novel hero, Graveyard Morgan, who towers over the whole thing so that it ultimately becomes his story of loss and redemption.

Writers like me drive bibliographers crazy. Librarians, booksellers and some readers don’t think much of us, either.

But I can’t help myself. If there’s a story that burbles up from my subconscious, needing to be told, I’ve got to get that puppy out there before I can get on with anything else. Say this great new idea I have doesn’t match up with the characters, time frame or the reader expectations based on my previous novel. What am I supposed to do? Not explore this great, new idea?

Not me. I go for it. True, I’ve written horror novels (Night Wind, Devil Creek), and I’m proud of them. But I’m not a horror writer any more than I’m a military writer because I’ve written The Mark Stone: MIA Hunter series or, well, you get the idea. I’m a writer with stories to tell about people who happen to live in different times and different places.

I’m a Writer with no word modifying that one.

My promise to you, the reader, and the common thread that runs through my work is that with every Stephen Mertz novel, you’re getting the best I have to offer.

I think you’ll agree that it all comes together in The Castro Directive. I’m proud of this one, and I’m pleased to have it available again in e-book and paperback format in a brand new edition from Wolfpack Publishing.