So . . . what sort of books do you write?

So . . . what sort of books do you write?

It’s an honest enough question, asked often of writers who haven’t yet achieved the household, brand name status of Lee Child or Dan Brown. It may be at a party. It may be when introduced to a mutual acquaintance. It may just be a polite ice breaker, asked by someone who may never read you in a million years, much less remember your name. But it could also be asked by someone who will then go on to seek out and read something you’ve written. They may like what they read and they may tell others. They may post a review on Amazon or Goodreads and buy more of your books. In this way are fan bases built.

So . . . what sort of books do I write?

Ah, there’s the rub and I’m never quite sure how to respond. You see, I write the sort of books that I like to read and, well, that includes a whole lot of different types and genres. I enjoy trying to match wits with a fictional detective and solve a mystery novel. Tales of the old west have always intrigued me. A good scare breaks up the reading routine while an intercontinental chase with world peace at stake never seems to grow old.

See what I mean? I’m entertained by many different writers in many different genres. And that is, perhaps naturally enough, channeled into what I write which ranges from the action/adventure of the Mark Stone, the MIA Hunter to the haunted denizens of Devil Creek to the international suspense of The Moses Deception.

So given all of the above, I finally came up with a safe, standardized response to the polite query, “What sort of books do you write?” If I’m speaking with one who enjoys reading for entertainment, chances are I may well have written in a genre he or she enjoys.

So . . . which books to mention? I let them help me with that.

I ask, “What sort of books do you like to read?”