The Adventure Has Begun!

The Adventure Has Begun!

New adventures.

I love ‘em.

Living what’s called The Writing Life for the past four decades has allowed me to travel across much of Europe and most of North America and has, trust me, provided ample opportunity for all kinds of adventures. “Yondering,” as Louis L’Amour called it. Well, I’d like to invite you along on this newest adventure with blog posts like this appearing regularly to keep us in touch and up to date.

I have, over four decades, produced a fair number of books. I am proud to announce the launch of an ambitious program by Wolfpack Publishing to reissue many of those titles for publication in digital and POD format.

The adventure has begun!

The Moses Deception by Stephen Mertz- The Adventure Has Begun There’s always been a wide range in what I read and what I look for in a novel. I like characters who are tested by circumstance and doubt, who then reach down deep within themselves for the strength it takes to endure and succeed. I like Action. Suspense. Romance. I like unknown worlds being brought to life. This in turn is reflected in what I write. I write the sort of books I like to read.

The Moses Deception, is now available. Archeologists Adam Chase and Lara Newton make an earth-shaking discovery in the Turkish desert: a fragment of the tablets shattered by Moses upon his first descent from the mountain with God’s Commandments! The fragment contains an 11th Commandment that will forever alter the balance of world power. The plot races across the Middle East, across Europe from the Vatican to Berlin, to an unforgettable climax high in the Swiss Alps.

Stone: M.I.A. Hunter is also available, a tense thriller about an American fighting man returning to the jungles of Vietnam. For Mark Stone, that war never ended. The danger and action only intensify when Stone and his hard bitten team take on a brutal, well-entrenched modern-day warlord. If you’re looking for powerful characters, suspense and adventure in your reading, you won’t want to miss this one.

As well as a few other novels, you can find the first two books in the Night Wind series on Amazon. Night Wind is a suspenseful mystery with a touch of romance. It follows Robin Curtis and her son Paul to Devil Creek, where they meet Mike Landware. Neither of them is looking for love or trouble, but in Devil Creek, it’s possible they’ll find both.

So check back here regularly, okay? It’s great to have you along.

This new adventure is just beginning!

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