The Hardest Part of the Game

The Moses Deception by Stephen Mertz- The Adventure Has BegunAsk any writer and they’ll likely tell you that, after actually writing the book itself, the hardest part of the game these days is getting the book reviewed.

That’s always been a struggle whether you’re trying to get noticed by The New York Times (good luck!) or by your favorite website. You’d think it might’ve gotten a little easier with readers’ access to Amazon reviews but, uh-uh. Some readers are great about posting reviews but many more, not so much. While James Patterson or Stephen King will garner a couple thousand reviews with each new book, new writers as well as established professional so-called “mid-list writers” such as myself are usually lucky to receive a handful of reviews.

What makes this important to the writer is that reviews are the essence of “word-of-mouth” buzz about a book. I’m that way. If I read a book that knocks me on my butt, first thing I want to do is tell everyone I know about it. Equally important, the Algorithm Mystery World of Amazon & other e-book marketers raises a title’s visibility based in part on review volume.

All of which leads me to note that my current thriller, The Moses Deception, has thus far managed to rack up 60 reviews over on What I do is about communication, and so it’s gratifying to know that my novel, which some readers consider my best, has resonated with so many readers who felt compelled to set down their thoughts reacting to what they’ve read.

Heck, even if they don’t like the book, it lets me know that I’m doing my job.